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Gester da ha ig uf e Kolleg gwartet u denn bi ig fasch usgartet

Es isch nid lang gange, da chunnt es drhär, es Eihorn so flauschig wie ne fucking Teddybär

U do gseh I no meh, so Zwärge u Drache, So vieli Ig ha grad müesse lache

U do ha ni gmerkt was ig würklech wott, dört z sy, wo s Lebe ahfot


Und mir gumpe, gumpe, gumpe I dä Bärge, Bärge, Bärge

Singe fiisi, fiisi Liedli über chlini, chlini Zwärge

Mir tanze, tanze, tanze, tanze, tanze unger Böim

Es git schöni Moment i üsne Tröim

Dr Tag, Tag, Tag isch z’End, End, End

Ig weiss würklech nid was ig schöner fänd

Ir Realität müesse z läbe

Oder bi au dene Fabuwäse


So etz hock ig wieder bi mir dehei, Trinke es Bier u ha chlei Haferbrei

Si sy aui bi mir und luege was ig mache und i verzeu ihne vo mine Sache

I has richtig guet, gniesse z Läbe, Sie beschütze mi bimene Erbebe

Was I wott säge isch I dere Welt sy Tröim ou öppis wo zöut




Wenn du so ne troum hesch de teil das

Fantasy isch ou es Maas

Wär nid cha tröime de het verlore

Ig weiss, dass isch eppis wo me nid cha nachehole




Fabuwäse i mire Wohnig, Fabuwäse i mine Tröim, Si zerstöre grad mini Öpfuböim

Weisch es git so Sache die göh kaputt die mache dir Weh, doch im Lebe gits doch so viu meh

Schmerz u Leid sy 2 negativi Sache, doch me cha ja tröime vo liebe Drache

U de gits no d’Liebi und d’Fründe, we sech die träffe werde sy sech verbünde





The other night I had a dream

Black and white is like King and Queen

Do you live at the end of the rainbow?

Or did you sink so low


Have the power to reign the world!

Isn’t it easy to create a girl?

Or do you prefer a boy as your child

Both will be all your pride


Black or White do you think it matter

American Kids still get fatter

Boy or girl which one might be better

You can write it in your letter

Don’t say: “Fuck the cops!” say: “Thank you”

Or wonˋt you die with your crew

Only can you make them colourblind?

And don’t put racism in their mind


Ferguson this was a joke

The victim isn’t really broke

Black people don’t own a weapon

But maybe they were in a rapin’


Don’t Shoot! Don’t Shoot! We want to be free

Many more wish to be like me

But I am better, I’m the best

I will put your life to the rest



Romance on the Catwalk

We got the power to stand up / we got the voice to shout out

We got the weapon to fight injustice

We never have to sail alone / we never have to leave our home

We live in a world full of butterflies and love


Nothing we could see meant that we would be free

Break the chains and let us all agree


This is your life you're giving me/ this is our soul, which will be free

Never thought that this crowd could have buried me

Your heart was about to knock when we had our little talks

Everyone was crying...  Romance on the Catwalk


We all stand up for our rights and we all have some fights

When the politicians have to decide

Someone has to bleed to death / another can take Crystal Meth

If someone else makes a fucking mess


We will run to the borders of the endless sea

This is a place where our hearts could be




In the demonstration against the wars and the hate

We all have to change the human fate

It's the way these chains will break

It's a dangerous walk to the open gate


Rising Sun

Don’t die, if you have to live

Don’t lie, if you have to miss

A love that belongs to you

Just try if you have your fears

And cry a sea of bitter tears

To remember how joyful life will be


I thought I know the truth

And I thought I had a proof

That your day is worth a smile

That you don’t feel like a failure

There are many ways to go

Still, you battle with your foes

Dedicate yourself to joy

It is well


There’s a storm passing by

in your life and in your mind

But be stronger than the wind

Use the power to remind

There’s a fire in the dark

It is burning in your heart

Start feeding it with hope

In your life, it’s a big lope




There’s a joy in your grief

Open your eyes and start to see

You don’t need to follow blind

Take the lead, don’t walk behind

There is more than just your pain

There flows love in your veins

Sorrows might be overwhelmed

Lead your own realm




Don’t think, you’re not worth to live

Don’t believe no one will forgive
There’s a reason your alive 

Don’t say you still have to think

Don’t speak, if you have to sing

Of a rising sun in a healing world tonight.

Story of a broken Man

I was walking down this boulevard, singing hell out of me (hey, hey)

Then I saw you laying there, broken ankle, broken knee (hey, hey)

I called a fucking ambulance, they carried you away (away)

Telling me, you were fine but they never asked me (oh what’s with me)


Hey, hey… hey, hey… Catching a fallen tree

What’s with me?


So we fly up through the atmosphere, our heads are filled with gas

We used to fix the broken things, ‘cause that is what we loved


I followed you to the hospital, you said I am a freak (freak)

But you don’t mind telling me, it is worth loving me (O yes, he said)

I took you out to my own place and showed you, who I am (Who am I?)

You said you feel sorrows and said I am a broken man. (Oh, I am lost)


Hey, hey… hey, hey… Catching a fallen tree

They’ve never asked me.




I’ve never heard such a prayer before

It seems that we all have missed the shore

Drowning for what we thought was true

Why did you think I never believed you?


You walked all this way alone

But suddenly your strength was gone

The burden grew too heavy to beat on your spine

But no one can see that you don't feel fine


I’ve never heard such a prayer before

It seems that we all have missed the shore

Drowning for what we thought was true

Why did you think I never believed you?

All around us they are falling apart

But we are the ones no one tears apart

Hold your breath go on swimming

We won't be the ones who are missing


We face the fear of the fighting crowd

The fight that no one can see what it is about

As they shelter all your demons with a halo

You will have to tell them that they have to go

It's time to go to sleep and to have a dream

There all these demons won't be so mean

But still broken dreams in broken frames

You can win their wicked games



Forever ends today

Now we all die for no power, now we all die for no price

We build up a kingdom in the wisdom of our lies

We think it stays forever won’t let it fall down to earth

But you can’t get yourself what you think you deserve

In the end, we all get buried, we are sent to the grave

Doesn’t matter if you were weak or brave

Leave the sorrow behind see the path of light

All you’ve got this moment is all your pride


But I never said we die in memories of loved ones

And I never said we cry for what brings deliverance


So we cry for the sorrow of words we’ve never said

And we hate ourselves for the things we are afraid of

Into the graves, they lay us down and speak some words of love

And they all hope salvation comes from above

And the saviour comes to save us to give us a halo

And together we laugh about the things that happen below

Oh you said we stay together, oh you said we have to pray

Oh you said we live forever, but forever ends today


I caught your words with trembling, I shall forgive you all your blames

At the moment my heart is like a hole in a broken frame

Still, I find my inner calmness to remember the time

When I wrote some wise words and put it in this rhyme

“Life is like a flower, beauty comes and goes

But you are like a river which forever flows

You are changing your beauty, never stay the same

With you, I mean your heart which is wearing your name”


At one point we all have to learn the truth

We cannot believe this, but I have a proof



Rotten Box

And we all carry a little light in this rotten wooden box

And I believe no one ever is lost

We have to find the key or break it down, speak the riddle but never let it drown

Don’t you seek love again?


There’s an ocean, it comes in waves

Bringing us all its insanities

As (Like) a shepherd takes care of his sheep

We try to control everything

There’s an avalanche rolling down your spine

We try to redefine ourselves

No need to tell your sorrows

You just need to break your habits


Catch a glimpse at the edge of paradise

While you’re falling off the cliff




There’s an old winter to remember

As there is no summer’s end

Building up walls of reputation

Cause broken mirrors still reflect

Damnation isn’t far away

Cause pride comes before the fall

Levelled up for your revelation

Cause pride comes before the fall



There was a woman called Birkenbihl

She told the wald “It’s no big deal!”

“Laugh for one minute. Is it better now?”

A wall of “YES!” cheers from the crowd.

There’s a happy hormone, it bears your name

It even tricks your brain

In a moment you hear how it’s done

But for now, enjoy this song


Tempted to be happy

It’s the best thing you can learn

Sadness won’t be part of this

Rejoice and you will burn

Leave the devil to the broken

Laugh more than the rest

sixty seconds of smiling

Healthcare at its best!


One minute in your life may change your mood

You don’t need to worry, it will help you, dude

So prepare yourself for a joyful life

After this you walk around, giving high fives

If you smile for one minute without a break

Your brain thinks you’re happy and releases a lake

of hormones called dopamine

And you will feel like king or queen




So start to smile, smile, smile, go on smiling

Then start to dance, dance, dance, just keep on smiling

Then start a fire, fire, fire with your smiling

Because smiling is the best thing in the world (2x)


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